Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boy Scout Jamboree: Dufaytissue from Dufaycolor

I recently acquired a few Dufaycolor transparencies and with them came a single print of a type I had never seen before. After a little research, the print appears to be a Dufaytissue (Dufay Tissue?), a modified version of the tricolor carbon process using carbon tissues on acetate supports for the individual color layers which are then assembled on a paper support. Although my example may not be typical, the Dufaytissue lacks detail in the highlights and shadows as well as sharpness compared to the original Dufaycolor transparency. This Dufaytissue image degradation is likely common given the difficulties inherent in making a continuous tone print from an additive screen plate with its color mosaic. Both images measure 6x9 cm.